How To Use Work Disagreements To Build A Stronger Team

Workplace Arguments Don’t Have to Spell Disaster

People sometimes don’t click as well as they could – and in a workplace disagreements can be profound. Here’s how to neutralise them.

If you have noticed disagreements in your workplace, then there’s no need to worry. Providing that you deal with them appropriately and do your best to provide a welcoming workplace environment, they can actually be the catalyst for better office relations. With the help of the team building experts at Zing Events, you can go on to build a strong team that will take your business forward.

Encourage discussion

If you do find that people in your workplace are disagreeing, then don’t try to stifle that. Make it clear that it is a space where everybody is allowed to express their honest opinion and offer feedback. If people feel as if they are being stifled, then that is when tensions can start to develop. Allowing people to express their opinions freely means that there will be much less chance of things snowballing into an argument.

Invest in team building

If you have noticed that a few members of your team aren’t getting along as well as they should, they encourage them to work together during a team building activity. Having a task to ficus on and complete together will help them to collaborate and put their differences behind them. There’s a huge range of activities to choose from at Zing Events – from cooking classes to outdoor challenges. You are sure to find one that’s perfect for your team.

Embrace new ideas

It’s very important to embrace new ideas. It’s impossible for every single person in a workplace to share exactly the same outlook, and there will be times when people clash. Rather than refuse to listen to anyone who doesn’t agree with your line of thinking, see if there is something that you can take from their point of view. Sometimes a fresh outlook and some bold ideas are just what you need – making disagreements surprisingly useful!

Make your work space inviting

You should also make an effort to make the workplace as calm an environment as possible. Declutter the office space as much as possible, and make it feel bright and welcoming. It’s amazing how much of an effect a person’s surroundings can have on their mood, and a workspace that feels welcoming and positive will help to keep any disagreements at bay. So set aside a day or two to transform your office space.

Be realistic

It’s important to accept that arguments will happen in a workplace. After all, you can’t change human nature. The key is dealing with them maturely. There’s no room for grudges in a successful business, so if some members of your team do have a disagreement, encourage them to communicate and work through their differences. Team building will really help them to build those essential communication and conflict resolution skills.

Here’s to a stronger team in 2019! As you can see, a workplace disagreement doesn’t need to spell disaster. With some healthy discussion and some time spent taking part in team building events together, you can build a team that’s strong enough to move past disagreements with ease. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Zing Events today, and invest in the future of your workforce.