How to Schedule Meetings when you’re Traveling

If you are an on-the-go entrepreneur who arranges all their own meetings in other places, or need to travel a lot for what you need to do, then you know that it can be difficult to organize all your meetings and travel plans. We have done a lot of research into how we can make it better for you, and hope that we can offer some tips and tricks to make your traveling painless.

Travel Time

You should make sure to always factor in travel time when you’re in another country, state, or town. If you’re wanting to get breakfast in but your plane lands at 10AM, you don’t want to schedule a meeting for breakfast because you’ll be fresh off the plane and not at your best.

Additionally, allow yourself enough time to travel to and from the airport, and to and from your hotel.

Collect and then Distribute

If you know exactly who you’re meeting with, it would be best to collect all of your clientele’s available times and then organize them in a way that fits with everyone. This way, you aren’t forgetting about clients and you aren’t double booking. Additionally, you are looking at all the possible times for your days and you can still get back in time for a bubble bath!

Once you have finalized what you want your schedule to look like, send a quick email back to all the clientele and let them know when they’ll fit into your schedule. Make sure to leave adequate time to eat your meals, sleep, and take care of yourself.


Who says your work trips have to only be work? You can incorporate some super fun activities and still get your work done. When scheduling for tourism time, make sure that you get all of your work events and travel on your calendar, and then allow time for sleep and self care. After that point, fill your calendar with all of the fun things you want to see and do!


If you’re struggling to get through all of the emails and the crazy scheduling, it might be good to invest in a template of some sort so that you can organize your thoughts and emails into one simple spreadsheet. That way, when you’re wanting to get everything scheduled, you can take a quick glance and easily manage your time.

Some of the best scheduling templates are on Google Sheets, Excel, and other applications like it. Take a look and see what would work best for you!


When you’re working in another place it can be hard to stay on top of your scheduling like you normally are; Don’t worry! If you’re keeping in mind all of the things we mentioned in this article, you can count on a good trip. You won’t have to stress about scheduling, and you can focus on getting your work done and then having some fun!