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Foglamp Research operates in 120 countries worldwide

Foglamp provides unparalleled reach into more than 120 overseas markets, offering clients a competitive advantage through on-the-ground insights into investment-specific regulatory and market dynamics.

Our Services

Our Services

Most Foglamp engagements begin with the client requesting a short written analysis of an initial set of questions related to an investment thesis or due diligence project. A Foglamp client concierge manages a rapid-turnaround research process involving multiple in-country team members. Clients often request additional analysis or phone calls with contributors to the project.

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Our Network

Foglamp’s strength lies in our ability to reach out to more than 1,300 local researchers, journalists, attorneys, and consultants in more than 120 countries. Our network offers clients proprietary insight on a real-time basis while avoiding the costs associated with traditional research and consulting services.

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